Tourqoise Skull - Handcarved in Bali

I saw this unbelievable object at the Gem Mineral and Fossil show at Tuscon this year. An unbelievable show attended by and unbelievable number of tweakers. You start at the AGTA gem show, where there are vast quantities of diamonds, sapphires, and every other gemstone imaginable.

Move from there to GJX where there gem dealers from all over the world. From there to the many hotel shows where things and the people just get more and more bizarre. Pyrite dealers from Spain. Lapis dealers from Pakistan. Salt dealers from the Himalayas. Shell dealers from Inglewood. Fossil dealers from Arizona. Qaurtz and geode dealers from Brazil.

End up at the trailer park where where rock hounds stay for around a month in their RVs showing things they personally dug out of the ground on folding tables. Lines of giant tents along the freeway.

More photos to come.

Good times.

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