One of the more interesting things about the house and one of the more time consuming parts of the restoration has been the windows. I am not sure if sliding glass windows were non-existent in 1935 or just uncommon. All the windows in the house were completely custom fabricated and a very simple but crude design. U-shaped metal channels on the four sides of the windows with three solid metal rods welded along the top and the bottom. Two metal-framed sliding glass windows and one screen have channels at the top and bottom so they - in theory - can slide along the rods. Any deterioration or if the windows become out of true over the years and they no longer work.

Almost all of the windows had been puttied shut. Unfortunately they were not designed to be removable. Eric, who is handling the restoration, had to chip out the plaster all the way around them to remove the frames. Richard Reyes, a local metalworker repaired or reproduced the frames. They were reworked in a way so they could be disassembled and easily removed. The plasterwork here and through the house has be very beautifully handled by Jim Davis.
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