a couple of very special zimmermans

In the past i have posted some beautiful bikes that were hand built by my friend Eric Zimmerman. I just returned Sonoma and the very special and beautiful wedding of Eric to his very special and beautiful bride filmmaker Tamara Maloney.

They rode into the wedding on a matched pair of black and gold bikes that Eric made for the wedding. Tamara has been angling for some time to have their names combined into a single surname "Zimmerloney", for the moment, the names of these unique bikes is as far as this has gone.

A man's bike for the groom, a mixte for the bride. Both steel steel frames made by Eric with hand-cut lugs with hearts. A great new detail, the new Zimmerman enamel head badge The wedding date appears boldly along with the name of each bike "Zimmerloney"

650b (small than standard) wheelsets sport handmade Japanese tires. I had a chance to ride them both. They are fast and agile. The mixte perfection. The other a bit twitchy. A result of Eric's over obsession with bike design blogs. Relying on a concept of "Pneumatic Trail" that was supposed to ease the handling on a steep fork because of an apparently non-exist effect of the rather wide tires.

In any case, a most beautiful wedding. Best wishes to a couple of my favorite people in the world, a couple of very special Zimmerman's (err - Zimmerloneys)
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