buck house - 1934 schindler

Many years ago some friends and I had the idea that we would love to see more of the great residential architecture in the city. We further thought that going tours was not nearly as fun as hanging out with friends over cocktails.

This is how RASH (for "Residents of Archticturally Significant Houses"). It was such prententious concept so a really rediculous acronym was really important.

When Christine Nichols, close friend and art dealer asked if I would revive RASH and help her host a cocktail party at the Buck House i couldn't resist.

Currently occupied by gallery Country Club projets, the party celebrated the close of the inaugeral exhibition of works by Charley Harper.

Further photos and info about the house will be forthcoming. Open by appoitment Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays I highly recommend the art and the building.
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