Another beautiful bowl by George Peterson of Circle Factory. He lives and works in and earth house he and his wife built in the mountains in western North Carolina.

This is one he gifted me many years ago. He calls this the OK bowl since we worked a bit on the shape together.

His work is a bit heavy and rustic, and all made from reclaimed wood. I sent him a Bob Stocksdale bowl and a Finn Juhl bowl from my personal collection to inspire him. He took the modern fluid shapes of these items and translated them into the more rustic style of his own work.

This photo was take by my good friend Vlada at my house on original Schindler designed table in my dining room.

We have many of his bowls in many woods and sizes at the store now. We even have a few small ones which he usually is not willing to make since they are almost as much work as the bigger ones but only retail for 150. (his work is mostly 275 to 475.)
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