House - Edward RIchard Lind - 1939

All I can find out about this house is that it was built in 1939 by a guy who worked in RM Schindler's Office.

Really beautifully composed volumes on the facade. Fully resolved interestection of volumes with intersections of glass. Can't tell if what behind it is any more than just the box it appears to be from the street.

The old photo I saw if this house where it was painted all white looked pretty spectacular. Now part of the glass has been replaced with glass block, the plain door with a home depot pos.

In a really crappy neighborhood (above Melrose just next to the 101 freeway), surrounded by lots of old kit-houses with lots of bars on the windows.

There was an eviction notice and other papers taped to the window where they could be visible from the landing. Should be available soon. Will look into it and keep you all posted.
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