Original 'Domestic Furniture' by Roy McMakin

A main influence in my work and aesthetic life was my short stint working at the legendary but now defunct "Domestic Furniture Company" (I was there four months before they fired me). Artist/Designer Roy McMakin was actively taking on Modernism with understated goods that focused directly on memory, feeling and emotion (in contrast to the failed functionalism of Modernism). I was fascinated in how people generally desired to live with his work, rather than simply interested in the modern furniture I had been importing from Europe at my last job. I owe a great debt to Roy and Carol as my current business is focused on the idea of good design that feel "good" and "right" not just "interesting" or "important".

These beds were designed around the time I worked at Domestic many years ago. They are at one of my favorite houses, the "Alexander" house by Harwell Hamilton Harris. It was great to see that the family who owns them have really used them. They have aged beautifully and only look better for wear.





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