'The Big Egg' - or - 2 minutes, 1 second wasted and where's my other 12 minutes and 59 seconds of fame.

Here is a parable of modern life.  My very good friends Lilith and Eliot Rockett get fed up with downtown Los Angeles life and move to Portland. There, they start living the genuine Portland life, you know, chickens, above-ground planting beds, riding an xtracycle to the market instead of their veggie-oil burning Mercedes. You know, the usual.

Then, one of their chickens lays a Big Egg. Lilith and Eliot make a home video in their kitchen of them Eliot cracking the Big Egg. They want to send the video to a friend, but the file is too big so they post it on Youtube.

It goes viral 1,040,000 views so far. Over 4,000 comments. It gets parodied on the Jimmey Kimmel Show.

The end.

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