mike slack - i-phone video

Mike Slack shot this little video on his - i-phone at my house last night. Just a corner of the built-in desk and one of the 3 original Schindler chairs. A beautiful composition. He proves once again that even in the most mundane, there is incredible beauty if looked at the in the right way. When I first saw his work, I thought that I was looking at yet another hip photographer's random images that were supposed to impress me in some way that I did not understand. It was pointed out to me, and clear ever since, his images are anything but random. They are beautifully composed snippets of the environment, as found. Showing beauty where few would find it. Known for his Polaroid compositions, he has a new book launching titled "Pyramids". The third and last in this series. In a way the end of an era. Polaroid is dead. The cult instant film is no longer being produced. The remaining stock which doesn't last will all expires at some point soon. I have spoken with Mike about this a few times. You would think he would be sad about this. He is not. He says that it is just a medium. I like that he is interested in taking pictures with his i-phone. All this proves, as you can see from this image, his eye. Proof that beauty is in the eye.

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