My old digs. Also 1935 but by Richard Neutra.

From '35 Neutra to '35 Schindler. Couldn't be more different.

Rationalist, Functionalist Neutra, to Artist/Sculptor Schindler.

The Neutra place had really beautiful, indirect light all day long. The light is the same at the beginning of the day to the end of the day.

Schindler place. Light changes throughout the day. Many cut-outs and perforations letting light in, in different ways throughout the day.

Neutra place, lots of built-in storage, shelving, display areas.

Schindler place, built-in desk in living room and each bedroom. Not a lot of storage.

From 450 sq feet (45 m sq) to 1400 sq feet (140 sq meters, and I have to get rid of stuff.

Go Figure.

Photos by Aya Muto.
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